Modern Attar

Despite the evolution and modernization of almost everything around us, we all love vintage. Therefore, a classic range of fragrances that reminds us of our roots yet it perfects blends in the present modern day, Modern Attar is replacing the perfumery choices of many. The special highlights of the product are its traditional smell and the very long lasting effects. The modern attars by Sangeeta Fragrance is the result of best and natural practices of manufacture, packaging and delivery. We believe in preserving heritage through our services and attar is the best way to do that. They are obtained from plant and plant parts and are completely free from chemicals. Derived from botanical sources, some of these Attars also have healing properties. These can also be used in traditional or religious practices.We have a wide collection of best scented attars at our store. Pick your favourite one or maybe two and soak into the aromatic essence that soothes the mind and soul.

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