In the world of synthetic and chemically decorated perfumes, attars stand out for their natural and appealing aura. We boast a wide variety and flavours of organically extracted attar. They are the perfect alternative to scents for those who care about the preservation of the environment. Not only are they free from any harsh chemical actions, but attars also give you a longer-lasting effect of freshness with just a little application. Explore our special range of attars and pick your favourite one. Its healing quality and effortless fragrance straight from the farm will make you fall in love. We are the leading designers and manufacturers of attar products with a complete understanding of the latest methods of extraction. Every attar pack is derived and packed in a way that retains its natural essence. We incorporate traditional hydro-distillation methods and finally proceed with organic packaging and proper stock up. Order for yourself or give your loved one a bottle of happy fragrance.