Gutkha Flavours Oils

The name might be a little misleading to the new customers who are experimenting with fragrant oils. However, the very rarely manufactured Gutkha Flavour Oils is being widely accepted in the market. Those who tried it, expressed the ultimate soothing and calming effect it had on them.
Sameera Fragrances boasts a wide variety of these oils that are extracted from the floral parts of tobacco. It has immense benefits relating to the emotional quotient. Our Gutkha flavoured fragrance oils are 100% pure and alcohol free. Tested and examined for all safety purposes, it is infact a very ideal element for enhancing your mood and the environment around you. With the rise in aromatherapy and sensory aid for treating individuals with chronic stress and anxiety, the Gutkha Flavour Oils are being used at a great level. Try one of these amazing fragrances in your daily life and mark the difference it brings into your days.

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