Food Essence Oils

Be it your life or food, everyone likes a little extra flavour. It is said that 70% of the taste in our food comes from the smell. The food essence oils are the next most used thing in the kitchen. Used in a very little amount, this has the potential to transform your basic cooked meal into a delightful savoury. We manufacture these oils under special considerations and make sure they are free from any added chemicals. Our collection of food essence oils are absolutely safe for consumption. You can add it into your meal of choice starting from frostings, cakes, chocolates

to soups and marinades. We get all our edible flavoured oils approved by higher authorities to ensure a 2-tier checking so that it adds happiness to your lives. Stock up your kitchen with the most delectable flavours and add a drop of these soulful smelling essence to enjoy a hearty and sumptuous experience.