Attar, also known as ittar, is a type of perfume that has been used in India and the Middle East for centuries. Unlike modern perfumes, which are typically made using synthetic fragrances, attars are made using natural ingredients such as flowers, herbs, and spices. Attars are highly concentrated and potent, with just a drop or two of the perfume oil being enough to last for hours. In this blog post, we will explore the world of attars and highlight some of the best attars for both men and women.

The history of attars dates back to ancient times. The earliest references to perfumes and fragrances can be found in the Vedas, the ancient Hindu scriptures. The Vedas describe the use of fragrant oils and flowers in religious ceremonies and rituals. Over time, the art of perfumery evolved and attars became popular among the royalty and the elite in India and the Middle East.

Attars are typically made using a traditional distillation process. The raw materials are placed in a copper still along with water and heated over a wood fire. The steam that is produced during the distillation process carries the fragrance molecules from the raw materials and is then collected in a container. The collected fragrance oil is then aged for several months to allow the different fragrance notes to blend and mature.